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Municipal Technical Assistance


An arial view of a Vermont town.A Program by the Agency of Administration:

As part of the State's ongoing efforts to make the most of state and federal funding and expand funding to communities who need additional assistance, the Agency of Administration in coordination with local Regional Planning Commissions is granting funds to municipalities throughout the state for Municipal Technical Assistance. These funds are intended to assist those communities with a high need for state and federal grants but lower capacity for accessing and applying for those sources. The Agency of Administration developed the Vermont Community Index (VCI) to evaluate the needs of communities across the state, with any municipalities in the top 25% of the needs assessment being pre-approved for funding. Pre-approved towns can be viewed in the list published by the Agency of Administration below. If you do not see your community on the pre-approved list, please have a representative of your community complete the Municipal Response Questionnaire below for the Agency to collect and evaluate your assistance request.


Municipal Response Questionnaire


DOCUMENT:   Vermont Community Index - User Guide

DOCUMENT:   Vermont Communities Index - Technical Documentation

SPREADSHEET:   Vermont Communities Index - Results Workbook

 The Agency of Administration in coordination with Guidehouse created the Vermont Community Index (VCI) to evaluate the technical need of municipalities within the state.

REPORT:   March 31, 2023 Municipal Technical Assistance Status Report

 The report from the Agency of Administration to the State Legislature on the implementation and current status of the Municipal Technical Assistance program.

DOCUMENT:   Pre-approved towns and municipalities

A list of towns and municipalities pre-approved for Municipal Technical Assistance funding.

DOCUMENT:   Municipal Technical Assistance Request for Proposal

On March 23, 2023 the Agency of Administration published a Request for Proposal to establish grants and contracts to provide municipal technical assistance.


Coming Soon!

  • Detailed Instructions on how towns can access this support (est. May 2023)
  • Procedures for towns that are not prequalified or want to establish a direct grant (est. May 2023)
  • July 1 progress report to Legislative committees