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Municipal Energy Resilience Assessments

lightbulb in cloverA Program through the Department of Buildings & General Services:

Aiming to make municipal buildings more energy efficient, resilient, and reliable, $45M has been appropriated to the Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services to expand the State’s energy management program to municipal buildings to promote increased resilience and sustained connection to critical services for all Vermonters. Covered municipal buildings include cities, towns, fire districts or incorporated villages, and all other governmental incorporated units except for school districts. Applications will be available for free energy resiliency assessments. Grants of up to $4,000 will be available to facilitate community meetings and communication about municipal energy resilience. Grants of up to $500,000 will be available for approved projects for weatherization, thermal efficiency, and to supplement or replace fossil fuel heating systems with more efficient renewable or electric heating systems. To assist with program implementation and administration, $2.4M will be appropriated to Regional Planning Commissions to assist with grant and assessment applications and provide programming and technical assistance.

Point of Contact: Jennifer Fitch

Website link: Municipal Energy Resilience Program | Buildings and General Services (