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Travel and Expenses

New to VISION? First time entering expenses?

To set up a VISION account and for Department policies and procedures, contact your Expense Coordinator.  Employees are required to be knowledgeable of Bulletin 3.4 Employee Travel and Expense Policy and other regulations regarding employee travel and expenses.  The VISION 101 manual covers how to login, set up forgotten password help,  and more.  

The Basics 

  • All employment related expenses must be reimbursed through the VISION Expense module
  • Reimbursements will be made directly into your direct deposit (balance or 999) account.
  • Preferred payment methods- Whenever possible, Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) and direct vendor payments should be used to minimize employee reimbursements.
  • Clear cache- To minimize errors, delete temporary files and cookies by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete.  This shortcut works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • Save for Later- After every couple lines on your expense report, click the "Save for Later" button to prevent the "data inconsistent with database" error that prohibits you from saving or submitting.  
  • Timeliness- All employees are expected to submit their Expense Reports within twenty (20) calendar days after completion of the travel event or the incurrence of a business expense.
  • Taxable over 60 days- Any item that is past 60 days is required to have a "Taxable" Billing Type and an Explanation of Late filing form completed.