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VISION Chartfields and Accounting Periods

Chartfield Data

For a current list of available chartfield values run the queries in the Chartfield Reporting Manual.

Chartfield Summary

Chartfield Table

Chartfield Job Aids

Information about specific accounts and how to use them can be found in the VISION Job Aids section of this website.  Information is currently provided there for the following accounts:

  • Energy Accounts
  • Expenditure Accounts
  • Information Technology Accounts
  • Marketing Accounts

Chartfields 101 for VTHR users - This document provides information about chartfields and explains their use in VTHR.

Accounting Periods and Budget Periods

The State of Vermont fiscal year starts July 1st and ends June 30th.  Accounting period refers to a particular month/date range in the fiscal year.

FY 2023 Accounting Periods

* Period 998 is an adjustment period used to capture all year end adjusting and correcting entries for the year just ended.  A June 30 date is used on all period 998 transactions.