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Reporting and Transparency Resources


State Fiscal Recovery Project and Expenditure Quarterly Report Data

This information is updated quarterly.

FY22 Vermont State Fiscal Recovery Funds - Recovery Plan Performance Report 

A detailed annual report that lays out Vermont's uses of State Fiscal Recovery Funds for the 2022 fiscal year. 

FY21 Vermont State Fiscal Recovery Funds  - Recovery Plan Performance Report

This document from 2021 outlines Vermont's intended use of State Fiscal Recovery (SFR) funds, lists Vermont's SFR-funded project inventory, and provides a performance report that evaluates Vermont's efforts. 

Local Fiscal Recovery Fund Allocations Dashboard 

This interactive web dashboard details the Local Fiscal Recovery Fund allocation by Vermont county and governmental unit. 

COVID-19 Federal Funding Tracker

This spreadsheet documents the distribution and application of different federal funding streams across the State of Vermont.