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All VISION videos can be viewed on the state's learning management system, SOV LINC. Enter "Vision" into the search function to find the videos. Click here for more information on SOV LINC.

Following is a list of videos currently available for viewing:



First Time Logging In to VISION

VISION Password Management

Getting Help with VISION

Navigating in VISION

Links, Icons, and Buttons

Adding Attachments in VISION

Customizing VISION WorkCenters

Chart of Accounts Overview

Expenses - Employee Expense Reports

Entering a Basic ER

Managing Lines in an ER

Starting an ER from an Existing ER

Modifying an ER

Applying a Travel Authorization to an ER

Viewing an ER

Deleting an ER

Managing Accounting Information in an ER

Expenses - Employee Travel Authorizations

Entering a TA

Managing Lines in a TA

Modifying a TA

Viewing a TA

Cancelling a TA

Creating a TA from an Existing TA

Expenses - Employee Cash Advances

Creating a CA

Modifying a CA

Viewing a CA

Deleting a CA

Expenses - Supervisors

Review and Approve an Expense Report

Send an Expense Report Back for Revision

Review and Approve a Travel Authorization

Send a Travel Authorization Back for Revision

Set Up an Alternate Approver

Accounts Payable

Enter a Regular Voucher

Enter a PO Voucher

Matching a PO Voucher

Unmatching a PO Voucher

Budget Check a Voucher

Submit a Voucher for Approval

Approve a Voucher

Looking Up a Supplier