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Taskgroups and Task Profiles

Taskgroups & Task Profiles

The Basics

  • Task Profiles are associated with combo codes (i.e., chartfield information)
  • Task Profiles are assigned to Taskgroups
  • Employees are assigned to a Taskgroup
  1. Start by reviewing your department's Task Profiles (there are queries available to help you do this.)
  2. Review Taskgroups to make sure that the appropriate Task Profiles are assigned.
  3. Make sure that employees are assigned to the correct Taskgroup.

Helpful Hints

  1. Task Profile IDs and Taskgroup IDs must be ALL CAPITAL letters.
  2. ​If an employee has entered time and then you change his/her Taskgroup, they will need to delete time entered with the incorrect Taskgroup (delete the row) and re-enter.
  3. ​On the "Maintain Time Reporter Data" page, make sure the Elapsed Time Template is VT_TASKPRF for Task Profile time reporters.
  4. ​All new hires will be set up by HR as combo code time reporters. Your department’s Task Profile Administrator (Business Office security role in VTHR) will need to set the new hire up to record time using Task Profiles and assign the employee to a Task Group.
  5. ​All transfers into your departments will need to have the “VT Maintain Time Reporter Data” reviewed for accuracy.
  6. ​The “Maintain Time Reporter Data” information for each employee is effective-dated. The effective date must match the beginning of a pay period. However, if that is not possible because there is already an effective-dated record for this date, you can do one of the following: 1) use the next available date or 2) use the beginning of the next payperiod.

Please note:  Whichever of the two options above you choose, you will need to manually enter or correct the days before the new effective date that were not charged correctly.  You can choose one of the two options below to correct this data:

  • If the employee is set up by HR as a combo code time reporter and will be switching to a task profile time reporter, have the employee select the combo code that matches the task profile for the days prior to the change.  This must be done by selecting a timesheet view of Daily.  This does add complexity, as it requires the cross-walk between task profile and combo code, but it is the preferred option.  (This coding can be done by an approver or delegate.)

For support, email or call 802-828-6700 option 2, option 2.