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Application and instruction for grant awards, transfers, and excess receipt spending authorization.

Pre-Grant Award Form - AA-1PNThis form is intended as pre-notification to the Joint Fiscal Committee of the unavoidable need to spend State funds in advance of Joint Fiscal Committee approval of grant requests and with the intent of securing a federally or privately funded grant award. Pre-notification is required for expenditures of State funds beyond basic grant application preparation and filing costs. Expenditure of these State funds does not guarantee that a grant will be awarded to the State of Vermont, or that a future grant award will be accepted by the Joint Fiscal Committee. If a grant award is subsequently received, a completed  AA-1 Form - Request for Grant Acceptance must be submitted to the Joint Fiscal Committee for review and approval before spending or obligating additional funds.

Grant Form - AA-1.This form is intended solely as notification to the Joint Fiscal Committee of the  intent to secure a federally or privately funded grant award. Joint Fiscal Committee must review and approve a completed AA-1 Form before spending or obligating  funds.

Balance Transfer Form -  DAB-26. This form captures approval and authorization by the Commissioner of Finance and Management and Governor to transfer balances of appropriations not exceeding $50,000 made under any appropriation act.

Excess Receipt Report Form -  ERR. This form is used to comply with 32 V.S.A. § 511 when additional money is received above and beyond the  appropriation and is used to grant spending authority.