Year End Deadline

All VISION transactions (except the two listed below) must be completed by 4:00pm.    For more detailed information and specific requirements for all VISION transactions, please see the Year End Closing Instructions that can be found on the VISION Closing Instructions page of the Finance & Management website.

  • All Cash Advances needed for travel on July 1 must be approved for payment no later than 7:45am.
  • All FY 2017 Deposits must be entered by 5:00pm for any cash receipts processed at the bank by 4:00pm.

Authorized Agent(s) for VISION System Operator Access Request Form are due in Finance.

Authorized Agent(s) for VISION Chartfield Requests are due in Finance.

The Identification of Confidential Expenses Forms are due (if applicable) in Finance.


Event Date: 
Friday, June 30, 2017 (All day)