Budget & Management Agency Assignments

Rich Donahey
Director of Budget and Management Operations
E-mail:  Richard.Donahey@vermont.gov
Office:  (802) 828-7217

Sam Winship
Assistant Director of Budget and Management Operations
E-mail:  Sam.Winship@vermont.gov
Office: (802) 272-3147


Jason Aronowitz ~  Jason.Aronowitz@vermont.gov ~ Office:  (802) 622-4102

ACCD - Administration;  ACCD - Econ Development; ACCD - Housing & Comm Develop;  ACCD - Tourism & Marketing; ADS/Information & Innovation; Art in public Bldgs. (spec. fund); Auditor of AccountsCouncil on the Arts; Housing & Cons. Board; Labor; Labor Relations Board; Motor Vehicles, Department of; Transportation Board; Transportation, Agency of ; VEDA; VOSHA Review Board


David Beatty  ~  David.Beatty@vermont.gov ~ Office:  (802) 760-9501

Attorney General; Court Diversion; Defender General; Education, Agency of; Efficiency VT (Public Service Board); Enhanced 911 Board; Finance and Management; Legislative - all (JFO, Leg. Council, Sg. at Arms); Lottery Commission; Military; Morgan Horse Farm; NE Higher Ed Compact (NEBHE); Public Service Board; Public Service Dept; Public Television; Sheriffs; State Aid; State's Attorneys; University of Vermont; Vermont Education Healthcare Initiative; Vermont State Colleges; Vermont Student Assist Corporation


TBD Office:  (802) 828-2376

Buildings & General Services; Crim Justice Training Council; Debt Service; Executive Office (Governor's Office); Financial Regulation; Judiciary; Libraries; Liquor Control; Lt. Governor; PILOT incl DOC PILOT; Property Tax Rebate; Public Safety; Secretary of State; State Treasurer; Tax; Teachers' Retirement; Unorganized Towns & Gores; Use Tax Reimbursement; Vermont Historical Society


Kelly Murphy ~  Kelly.Murphy@vermont.gov ~ Office:  (802) 272-9084

Center for Crime Victims Svcs.; Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living, AHS; DVHA, AHS; Green Mountain Care Board; Health, AHS; Human Rights Commission; Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Vermont Veterans' Home


TBD  Office:  (802) 828-2376

AOA Secretary's Office (All); Children & Families, AHS; Commission on Women; Corrections, AHS; Human Services Secretary's Office/Central Office, AHS; Mental Health, AHS; RSVP; Vermont Care Partners; Vermont Humanities Council


Sam Winship ~ Sam.Winship@vermont.gov ~ Office:  (802) 272-3147

Agriculture, Food & Markets; ANR - Central Office; ANR - Environmental Conservation; ANR - Fish and Wildlife; ANR - Forests, Parks, & Rec.; Human Resources; Natural Resources Board