Budget & Management Agency Assignments

Emily Byrne
Director of Budget and Management Operations
E-mail:  Emily.Byrne@vermont.gov
Office:  (802) 477-2304

Jason Aronowitz
BGS, Labor Relations Board, VOSHA Board, Auditor, Labor, ACCD-Admin, Economic Development, Housing, Tourism, VEDHA, Arts Council, Conservation Board, Agency of Transportation
E-mail:  Jason.Aronowitz@vermont.gov
Office:  (802) 622-4102

David Beatty
Finance & Management, Legislature, Lottery Commission, Attorney General, Court Diversion, Defender General, State's Attorneys and Sheriffs, Military, Corrections, Agency of Education, UVM, State Colleges, VT Public Television, VSAC, Morgan Horse Farm, NE Higher Ed. Compact
E-mail:  David.Beatty@vermont.gov
Office:  (802) 760-9501

Sam Winship
DII, Tax, Use Tax Reimbursement, Property Tax Rebate, Human Resources, Liquor Control, PILOT, Unorganized Towns, Agriculture, Public Service Board, Public Service Department, E-911, ANR - Central Office, FPR, Fish and Wildlife, DEC, NRB, and Vantage Budget System administrator
E-mail:  Sam.Winship@vermont.gov
Office:  (802) 272-3147

Nick Foss
Libraries, Governor's Office, Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Judiciary, Public Safety, Criminal Justice Training Council, Financial Regulation, Secretary of State, Teachers Retirement, Historical Society, Debt Service
E-mail:  Nick.Foss@vermont.gov
Office:  (802) 622-4018

Kelly Murphy
Center for Crime Victims Services, Human Rights Commissioner, DVHA, Health, DAIL, Veterans Home, GMCB, Symphony Orchestra
E-mail:  Kelly.Murphy@vermont.gov
Office:  (802) 272-9084

Jean Stetter
AOA - Secretary's Office, AHS - Secretary's Office, Mental Health, DCF, Commission on Women, RSVP, Humanities Council
E-mail:  Jean.Stetter@vermont.gov
Office:  (802) 622-4021