Class Descriptions

VISION 101 Class Description

  • VISION Passwords
  • Using My System Profile
  • Search Features
  • Links, Icons, Buttons Overview
  • My Favorites
  • Intro to Query and Query Favorites
  • Overview of Reports
  • Working with the Process Monitor
  • Chart of Accounts Overview 
  • Prerequisite for module specific classes

Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Payable Business Processes
  • Looking up Vendors
  • Entering Regular and Purchase order Vouchers
  • Entering Adjustment and Journal Vouchers
  • Setting up Speed Charts
  • Entering Vouchers using Speed Charts
  • Approving, Budget Checking, Closing and Deleting Vouchers
  • Finding and Fixing Budget Check Errors in Vouchers
  • Looking up Payment Information on the Voucher
  • Inquiring on Voucher Payment Information
  • Running the Voucher Status Report

Direct Journal Deposits

  • Overview – Entering and Preparing Deposits
  • Business Process for Deposits, Reminders, Hints
  • Debit/Credit Memo Business Process
  • Refund of Expenditures
  • Creating Accounting Entries
  • Approving Deposits – Complete and Budget Checking
  • Delete and Correct Deposits
  • Create and Maintain SpeedTypes
  • Enter a deposit using SpeedTypes
  • Reviews/Reporting/Queries
  • Correcting Direct Journal Accounting Entries

Accounts Receivable (using customers)

  • Business Processes, Reminders, Hints in Working in Receivable Processing
  • Creating and Maintaining Customers
  • Enter and Delete Receivable Pending Items
  • Inquire and Correct Receivable Pending Items
  • Enter Deposits (Regular Deposits and/or Express Deposits)
  • Creating and Using Customer Worksheets for Posting Payments, or Maintenance.
  • Correcting Customer Payments
  • Adding Customer Conversations ( Used By Dept of Corrections)
  • Run and Print Customer Statements
  • Reviews/Reports/ Queries

Federal Draw Process in VISION

  • Business Processes and Policy
  • Creating and Maintaining Customers
  • Enter Pending Items
  • Creating and Using Customer Worksheets for Posting Payments, or Maintenance.
  • Correcting Pending Item Errors
  • Run and Print Customer Statements
  • Reviews/Reports/ Queries

Asset Management

  • Overview of Asset Management
  • Searching for an Asset
  • Adding Expensed Assets
  • Adding Depreciable Assets
  • Adjusting the cost and quantity of Assets
  • Transfer of an Asset from one Dept Id or Fund to another
  • Retiring an Asset
  • Reinstating an Asset
  • Inquiring on the Cost History of an Asset 

Purchase Orders 101

  • Introduction to Purchase Orders
  • Finding a Contract for the Item needed
  • Create a PO from a Contract
  • Create an Express PO
  • Create Change Orders for POs
  • Copying and Printing Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders 102

  • Introduction to Purchase Orders
  • Approve, Budget Check, and Dispatch a PO
  • Delete/Cancel a PO
  • Finalize a PO on the Voucher
  • Print a PO
  • Reconcile a PO


  • Introduction to Contracts
  • Searching for an Item
  • Finding and interpreting Contracts
  • Create and Approve Contracts for Services
  • Amend and Close Contracts
  • Printing Contracts


  • Introduction to Requisitions
  • Searching for an Item
  • Create, Change, Approve, and Budget Check requisitions
  • Managing your Requisitions – Approving, Budget Checking, Finalizing
  • Canceling a Requisition
  • Copying and Printing Requisition

Billing (Full Day Class)

  • Overview - Billing and how it integrates with AR
  • Business Process/Reminders/Hints
  • Create/Maintain Customers
  • Enter Manual Bills
  • Create Recurring bill Templates/Schedules
  • Recurring Bill Process
  • Generate Invoice/Print/Load Invoices to AR
  • Reprint Invoices
  • Adjustments to Invoiced Bills
  • Reviews/Reports/Queries
  • Receivables Processing Manual
    • Enter Customer Deposit/Worksheet
    • Enter an Express Customer Deposit
    • Create a Maintenance Worksheet
    • Run and Print Customer Statements
    • Report - Payment History by Vendor  

General Ledger

  • Introduction to the General Ledger Module
  • Transfer Types in VISION
  • Requirements Regarding Processing of Journal Entries
  • Entering ONL and TSF Journal Entries for Different Scenarios
  • Editing, Budget Checking and Posting Journal Entries
  • Copying and Deleting Journal Entries
  • Inquiring on Journals
  • Finding and Correcting Journals in Budget Check Error
  • Running Queries and Reports 

Commitment Control

  • Introduction to Commitment Control
  • How to find the correct Ledger Group
  • Adding an Organization Budget Journal
  • Inquiring on Budgets
  • Running the Budget Status Report
  • Running the Budget Transaction Detail Report
  • Running and analyzing Budget Ledger Queries

Expense Coordinator Training

  • Navigate Travel & Expense Module
  • Understand integration with HCM (personal, bank data and default Department)
  • Understand the role of and tools available for the coordinator
  • Audit, Monitor and Delete Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports
  • Manage and Approve Cash Advance
  • Identify Taxability Consequences
  • Maintain Expense User (Employee/Supervisor) access and information
  • Reports for Travel & Expense module