VISION Upgrade to v9.2 Project


This State of Vermont State-wide financial accounting system known as VISION requires upgrading from the current PeopleSoft Financials version 8.8 to version 9.2 for all modules currently being utilized by the State of Vermont.  This includes General Ledger (including Commitment Control), Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Asset Management, Inventory, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Travel & Expenses, and Grants Tracking (Vermont customized).  In addition, new functionality that is available in v9.2 that meets the requirements of the State will be implemented. 

Class Registration Form

Form Instructions

  • Form must be completed and submitted by Business Manager.
  • Complete a separate form for each employee that you are registering for a training.
  • Check ("√ ") the box next to each course that you are registering for.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to the Business Manager and Employee.


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