DUNS Number and CCR Information

Per ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) and FFATA (Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act) federal regulations, all subgrantees or subcontractors receiving federal grant awards or contracts must have a DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) Number and be registered with the CCR (Central Contractor Registration).
The first widespread implementation of this requirement will occur when ARRA funds are distributed. All State of Vermont grants and contracts funded in whole or in part with ARRA funds will contain DUNS and CCR requirements and no payments will be issued until the subgrantee/subcontractor has provided a valid DUNS number and certifies their registration with CCR to their State of Vermont granting/contracting agency.
All organizations receiving direct federal awards or indirect federal awards that pass through the State of Vermont must have a DUNS number.  The first widespread implementation of this requirement will occur with the distribution of ARRA grants and contracts.  It is likely that these requirements will extend to other federal funds as well due to FFATA regulations.
Yes, in most instances.  Generally, individual applicants for grants and contracts must have a DUNS number which includes most grants and contracts issued by the State of Vermont under Bulletins 3.5 and 5.
-  Individuals who are direct program beneficiaries
-  Individuals who are not sole proprietors
-  Contractors who are paid via the State of Vermont Payroll system
Your chief fiscal officer, treasurer, business manager, executive director, or accountant is likely to be able to provide your organization’s DUNS number if you already have one. Many larger organizations such as universities, supervisory unions, non-profits, and other private contractors are likely to already have a DUNS number. If you don’t know if you have one, you can search the Dun & Bradstreet website at:
Although these requirements have existed for a number of years for direct recipients of federal grants, this is a fairly new and developing requirement for subgrantees and subcontractors.
DUNS numbers are provided by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B).  You can obtain a DUNS number by phone or through D&B’s website. Typical turn around time for a web request is one business day, but due to the currently high volume of requests caused by ARRA, it may take longer.  If you need your DUNS number immediately, you might consider making your request by phone where you will be assigned a DUNS number during the call.
An authorizing official of the organization, not a project director, should request a DUNS number. The following is a list of the information you will need in order to obtain it:
·   Name of organization
·   Organization address
·   Name of the CEO/organization owner
·   Legal structure of the organization (corporation, partnership, proprietorship)
·   Year the organization started
·   Primary type of business
·   Total number of employees (full and part time)
Contact Dun & Bradstreet
Phone: 866-705-5711
Note:  As a result of obtaining a DUNS number you have the option to be included on D&B’s marketing list that is sold to other companies. If you do not want your name/organization included on this marketing list, request to be de-listed from D&B’s marketing file when you are speaking with a D&B representative during your DUNS number telephone application.
Obtaining a DUNS number is absolutely FREE for all federal grant and contract applicants.  Contact Dun & Bradstreet directly using the contact options listed above and you will quickly and easily obtain a DUNS number at no charge.  There are companies who may offer to help you obtain a DUNS number for a fee, but this service is not necessary.
Dun & Bradstreet may also offer to sell their products to you for a fee, but purchase is not required to obtain a DUNS number.
Organizations may have multiple DUNS numbers because they are issued by D&B by physical location.  For consistency, the State of Vermont is requiring all grants/contracts be issued to the primary DUNS number of the organization.  Contact D&B to identify which DUNS number is the primary one.  You should also be sure that the DUNS number you use on your grant/contract is the same as the DUNS number used during registration with CCR as described below.
CCR is the federally run Central Contractor Registration database. It collects, validates, and disseminates information about organizations that do business with the federal government via contracts and grants. Although recipients of direct federal contracts and grant awards have been required to be registered with CCR since 2003, this requirement is now being extended to indirect recipients of federal funds with the passage of ARRA.
All organizations who require a DUNS number as defined above, must also register with CCR before a grant/contract can be issued.
To register with CCR, go to, and click "Start New Registration" to begin.  Your organization must first have a valid DUNS number and you must also know your organization's Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN).  Be sure to use the primary DUNS number for your organization, which should be the same DUNS number used on the grant/contractual agreement as described above.
Registrations must be renewed at least every 12 months to remain valid.
Additional information about the DUNS number and registration with CCR can be found on the federal grants website and at
-   General information about DUNS number requirements: