State Employee Payroll

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The Payroll Division assists with:

  • Wage verification requests

  • Direct Deposit questions

  • State and Federal employee tax information (W-4, W-2, etc.)

  • Former employees who have questions about final pay


Phone: 802-828-6700 or 855-828-6700, Option 1, Option 2

The Department of Human Resources support employee use of VTHR including questions regarding personal information, time reporting, pay rules, benefits, etc.


Mailing and Home Addresses:

Every year a significant number of W-2s do not get delivered because of an incorrect mailing address. Delayed W-2s are an unnecessary inconvenience and source of stress for employees. Please do your part to ensure the accuracy of current and former employees’ addresses.

Important notice regarding the upgrade to VTHR:

  • Both the Home and Mailing address are required, even if they are the same.

  • Mailing address is where you receive mail (and where W-2s will be mailed in January).

  • Home address is the location of your residence; think of this as your 911 address.

Current employees need to login to VTHR and navigate to Self Service > Personal Information > Home and Mailing Address. Additional instructions are available on the VTHR Resource Center.

Former employees can request changes by clicking Requests for Former Employees on the Payroll Forms page. Your request will be sent to the VTHR Helpdesk and will updated accordingly.


2014 Net Pay Calculator

This Excel spreadsheet will calculate your net pay based on your payroll deductions. 

2014 net pay calculator

2013 net pay calculator


Pay Periods

This chart defines when pay periods begin and end and the pay date for a particular period.

Payroll Forms

This link includes a description of each of the payroll forms. Payroll forms include those required for taxes, direct deposit, etc.

W-2 Information

This page includes an explanation of your W-2, how current employees can print a copy of their W-2s, or how inactive employees can request a copy of a W-2.